Female Founders Do It Their Way

Men and women do things differently. It’s one of the reasons diverse teams perform better and deliver more innovation. I’ve found through my interviews for The Chasing Grace Project that female founders must do things differently than their male counterparts. They have to think differently and go deeper on funding and business strategies, because the capital isn’t as available to them. I’ve heard it all during my interviews, from being denied funding for being pregnant to being denied simply because of being a woman.

The silver lining here is that women are finding creative and effective ways to build new kinds of businesses. They’re doing it their own way, and this is where I see real innovation happening. Whether through the crowd or the community or good old-fashioned bootstrapping, women are making shit happen no matter the barriers.

Today we’re featuring Elena Valentine, co-founder and CEO of Skill Scout in our “Meet the Women of Chasing Grace” series. Her and her co-founder realized pretty early on that the traditional VC route wasn’t going to be for them, and it lead them on a journey to redefine success. I love their story. Take a look.

A reminder that Episode 2: Progress & the Power of Community premieres on November 19, 2018 at the SNL Studio inside 30 Rock. Please book your 2019 screening now.