A New Online Series: Meet the Women of Chasing Grace

Today I’m pleased to announce a new series of online shorts called “Meet the Women of Chasing Grace.” While our episodes are currently only available at screenings and won’t be online until they’re all completed, these online exclusive shorts take you behind the scenes to learn more about the women sharing their stories for the Project.

We’re releasing two shorts today and will release one a week each Friday for the next 6–7 weeks. In today’s releases you’ll meet mom and startup co-founder Abby Cheesman, who tells us what she experienced when pitching venture capitalists while eight-months pregnant. You’ll also meet open source tech executive Nithya Ruff, who originally appeared in ours series trailer and tells us about her experience as a young girl in India and the influence her father had on her path into tech.

As women and men invite us into their homes and offices around the world, I’m struck by the beauty of the human spirit. Having the privilege to sit on set across from individuals who are telling us some of their most intimate and vulnerable stories reminds me how brave we can be and how powerful story is in reminding all of us that we’re not alone. When we feel connected to each other through story, we’re more inclined to also engage, create, build, debate and innovate. It’s a critical part of recruiting and retaining women for tech, which is one of this decade’s biggest challenges for the industry.

Please take a moment to listen and share and look for the rest these women’s stories in an upcoming episode (Episode Two premiere date to be announced very soon).