Getting to the Executive Suite: “Just Take It.”

While young girls and women are told they can be anything they want to be, do anything they want to do, the reality is that women make up just 11 percent of leadership roles at Silicon Valley companies.

The impact of this could account for the low numbers of women in tech overall. Some women pursue promotions and leadership opportunities, only to be dismissed, leading to their exit from the industry. Young women who don’t see other women in positions of power may not realize the path to the top is one for them.

Today we meet Nancy Hensley in our latest ‘Meet the Women of Chasing Grace’ profile. Nancy is a tech executive at one of the biggest companies in the world. The breadwinner in her family, Nancy compares her experiences with both a supportive and non-supportive partner and the difference that can make in one’s own career path. Allies can be powerful.

Nancy is a mentor to many young men and women and also shares in this profile what she sees are common elements among women who make it to leadership positions and advises women to ‘just take it’ when it comes to opportunity.

Please meet Nancy: