Take Action for Women in Tech: Help Bring Chasing Grace to SXSW

Many reasons are cited for the lack of women in tech but the most often-cited reason is the culture. But how do you begin to solve for that? Changing culture inside our own companies is hard enough. How do we begin to change it industry-wide? The tech industry prides itself on solving the hard problems but somehow this one remains a puzzle.

We believe the solution is in telling and sharing stories, and there’s a load of evidence to support this theory. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long game. And that’s always difficult for Silicon Valley to rationalize. In a world where “time to market” and “return on investment” set the pace, it’s sometimes difficult to grasp that not all solutions are on the same timeline nor come in the same package.

It’s more critical than ever that we don’t become fatigued by the long road ahead and instead be inspired by story and let it change the experiences and the conversations that men and women are having in tech. You can help this change by bringing The Chasing Grace Project to SXSW.

Please vote for our session and help us extend the stories of Farrah, Megan, Nancy, Elena, Abby, Yasmine, Nithya, Claire and many more. Don’t know these women? You will soon, and their stories will change us all.

We know you haven’t heard from us for a while. We went directly into episode #2 production after our last premiere. We’ll be shooting in New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC later this month and San Francisco and Portland in October. We’ll be announcing the premiere screening event and city for episode #2 this September. We’re screening at Open Source Summit, Cloud Foundry Summit in Basel and in Hood River with the Gorge Tech Alliance, among others. We are still planning to appoint our Advisory Board, but it will be later this year. Stay tuned for details.