Calling Chasing Grace Fans: Now You Can Organize a Screening

From January 24, 2019

Women’s voices have never been louder. From the halls of Congress and the labs of the Research Triangle to the cubes of Silicon Valley and the desks on manufacturing floors across the world (and so much more), women are sharing their stories and challenging the status quo.

The last two years have been especially amazing as we’ve embarked on helping to recruit and retain women in tech with The Chasing Grace Project. In fact, this week marks two years ago that I started interviewing women, and my co-producer and I started building a platform for them to be seen and heard for their experiences.

We’ve had so much support and interest over those two years that it’s a natural time to scale the Project. We’re introducing a new Ambassador Program that enables women and men in their communities around the world to organize Chasing Grace screenings, extending the reach of the stories and helping to generate important revenue to support the remaining episodes in production. As a thank you to Ambassadors for this important role, we’re sharing in the profits of each screening booked.

Exclusive Ambassador Badge

Screenings both underwrite the production of the Chasing Grace Project series and put these powerful stories in front of more people. They are the primary way people can see the episodes prior to the entire series being completed. It’s an exclusive opportunity for the communities and companies who invest in these events.

Episode 1: Eighty Twenty Premiere (Portland, Oregon)

We have all the details in a snazzy little Ambassador Kit and are eager to share it with those of you who want to become part of our Ambassador community. Please email me directly for details at

Episode #2: Progress & the Power of Community (New York, NY)

And stay tuned here on my blog for updates on screenings in the coming weeks and months, as well as our next two episodes (#3 and #4). We’re already hard at work on them.