Episode 1: Eighty Twenty

Women can lose more than $1m dollars over the course of their lifetime due to the wage gap. Unfortunately, though, that's only part of the story. Episode One explores both the economic and emotional toll the pay gap has on women in tech and their desire to stay in tech. 

Episode 2: Progress

While most data tell us there’s no progress, the women who work in tech every day know different. Change is incremental but it is happening. Episode 2 will explore where we do see progress – in the individual stories of women who have started companies, nonprofit organizations and women-in-tech groups. The challenges they face when they do stand up, speak out or challenge the status quo will also be explored to understand where we’re failing so that we may accelerate progress. 

The first sign of a movement is organization. The emergence of women in tech groups inside and outside of companies demonstrate that this movement is gaining momentum. Just a few years ago, women in tech groups were few and far between and now they’re commonplace. The episode explores the phenomenon of community for women, the value they place on it and whether or not it’s making a difference in progress.

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